Volunteering & Internships

Tenant Advocate – Saint Louis

Tenant Advocates are trained in Missouri Landlord/Tenant law and have resources to advise, counsel and refer callers who are experiencing a housing crisis. Tenant Advocates help tenants understand their rights and obligations under state and federal laws. They help draft letters for tenants, assist people in searching for housing, and identify resources which may help a person out of a housing crisis. Tenant advocates are volunteers who are able to devote at least 2 hours a week to counseling tenants.

Intern / Practicum Student – Saint Louis

EHOC has opportunities for student interns and practicum students, particularly from the fields of Law, Social Work, Public Policy, Nonprofit Administration, and Sociology to design a fair housing project of interest to them. Examples of projects that students have pursued include:

  • Researching Insurance Redlining Practices in the St. Louis Metro Area
  • Linguistic Profiling: What does your voice sound like?
  • Research on Racial Segregation in St. Louis
  • Expanding Rights for Mobile Home Residents in Missouri

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EHOC is not currently accepting new internship/practicum applicants or tenant advocates.

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