Housing Discrimination Inquiry

Submitting An Inquiry

  1. EHOC is not currently accepting new inquiries. If you have a discrimination complaint, call the HUD hotline below. Have all of the information available about your discrimination inquiry to discuss with the intake officer. 

What you should know about submitting an inquiry to EHOC:

If you suspect someone has discriminated against you, contact EHOC first to make us aware of the issue. In some cases, talking to the alleged offender about the situation might harm our ability to investigate your case.

You have a year from the time of discrimination to formally file an administrative complaint with HUD and two years to file in federal court. You only have six months to file with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights. But the sooner you report discrimination, the sooner we can begin our investigation.

This investigation may include the use of testing. The evidence gathered from testing can strengthen your case. If you file directly with an enforcement agency, you will not have any testing evidence to strengthen your claim.

EHOC will not forward your inquiry on to an enforcement agency or private attorney without talking to you first, and will not notify the respondent without talking to you first. Sometimes, EHOC is able to resolve inquiries while working directly with the housing provider or the person accused of discrimination. Other times, the person against whom you have alleged discrimiantion will not be notified until they receive a notice from HUD or another enforcement agency that an administrative complaint has been filed. It is essential that we have your full up-to-date contact information so that we can contact you about your inquiry.

We realize that sometimes people feel that they are not in a position to file a complaint. Please go ahead and use our online form. You can enter a pseudonym for your name (John or Jane Doe) or just write Anonymous. If we have the information about a discriminatory situation, we still may be able to conduct an investigation and work to end the discriminatory practice. You will not receive any monetary relief from any settlement in this situation, but you can feel satisfied that some action has been taken to end discrimination.

If you have an immediate housing discrimination issue, please call HUD's Fair Housing Hotline at 1-800-669-9777.