Fair Housing Investigation

Becoming a housing discrimination tester

EHOC is not currently accepting new tester applications. 

Investigation Through Testing

Housing discrimination testing is a method used to uncover discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, familial status or disability. Testing is a controlled procedure to determine differential treatment in the quality, content and quantity of information and services given to home-seekers by landlords, real estate agents, leasing agents and lenders. Testers are volunteers who may be reimbursed for expenses.

Who can be a Tester?

Testers must be 21 years or older, must be able to pass a criminal background check, must have reliable transportation, and must have excellent writing skills. Reasonable accommodations are made for testers with disabilities. Testers of all backgrounds are needed.

Persons who are working in the housing industry are not recruited as testers.

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