EHOC Releases Stop Gap Eviction Report

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread economic disruption over the past year, resulting in job loss or cut hours across multiple sectors. This unexpected loss of income has especially impacted renters and, layered on top of pre-COVID housing insecurity, has led to increased numbers of people at risk of eviction in the St. Louis region.


EHOC’s new report Stop Gap: Eviction Moratoriums and Housing (In)stability in the St. Louis Area continues EHOC’s long standing work around eviction prevention and looks at how the pandemic exacerbated the existing affordable housing crisis. In turn, the report examines fair housing implications and how the pandemic’s eviction crisis has disproportionately impacted communities based on race, gender, and families with children. 


Stop Gap also provides readers with easy-to-understand explanations of Missouri’s eviction laws, various COVID eviction moratoriums and a look at the efficacy of eviction moratoriums in preventing eviction filings. It highlights the landlords who were most willing to continue with eviction case filings, and the report provides maps that show which zipcodes have seen the most eviction filings during the pandemic.


Lastly, the report includes calls to action and policy recommendations that could move us towards a more equitable and just region. EHOC invites you to attend the virtual release presentation by our staff. We also hope that Stop Gap will provide the community with the kinds of important information that can guide decision-makers in the direction of policies that can move us towards a less segregated and more equitable and vibrant St. Louis. 


Read the report at

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