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We Need Your Support

Our mission could not be accomplished without the continued support and generosity from people like you.   Our Sustaining Donor Program is one of the best methods we have to help us continue to help those experiencing illegal housing discrimination.


Monthly Sustaining Donor Benefits

EHOC is grateful for all gifts in support of our work.  While we welcome gifts of any amount, regular monthly donors  will enjoy the following:


  • $10-$24.99 monthly donation: complimentary attendance and recognition at our annual Donor Recognition Event and Fundraiser

  • $25-$49.99 monthly donation: complimentary ticket to and recognition at the event; one ticket to our annual Fair Housing Conference in April.

  • $50 & above monthly donation:  2 complimentary event tickets and two tickets to our annual Fair Housing Conference in April, along with recognition at both.

All Sustaining Donors are also eligible for our Testing Program. Testing is a little like “secret shopping” and is one of our most valuable tools in identifying discrimination.