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A Brief Outline of the Struggle for Fair Housing in St. Louis

  • 1948 In Shelley v Kraemer, the United States Supreme Court rules that states may not enforce restrictive covenants
  • August 1961 Freedom of Residence forms to fight for fair housing in the St. Louis metropolitan area
  • April 1968 Congress passes the Fair Housing Act (Title VIII of Civil Rights Act) in response to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • April 1968 Supreme Court rules on Jones v Mayer, a landmark fair housing case brought by Freedom of Residence
  • 1975 Freedom of Residence involved in the Supreme Court fair housing case against Black Jack, Missouri
  • 1983 Freedom of Residence closes
  • 1988 Fair Housing Act amended to include disability and familial status bases
  • 1989 Confluence St. Louis (now Focus St. Louis) explores racial polarization and recommends establishment of a private fair housing agency
  • 1992 The Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council (EHOC) is incorporated
  • 1994 EHOC is awarded two grants by the US Dept of HUDs Fair Housing Initiatives Program
  • 1995 With a staff of three, EHOC opens and begins to investigate housing discrimination complaints
  • 1997 Number of housing discrimination complaints received by EHOC more than doubles in one year
  • 1998 EHOC moves its staff of five, and more than 80 volunteer testers, to new headquarters in the city

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