Best places to get CBD products for sale in St. Louis, MO

We can help you with finding CBD products for sale you are looking for! Of course, at the best price! Here are four pharmacies in St. Louis, MO with a wide selection of drugs. These are small pharmacies, but they have earned high ratings from customers whose reviews you can read here.

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.7
Customer feedback:

CBD KRATOM has terrible customer service. I frequently have insurance issues with my RXs & they never contact me to resolve. They don’t address until I try to pick up. Then I have to wait an additional 15-30 min. Kroger next door gives much better service. Will be going there from now on.

I hate giving bad reviews, but maybe it will result in the next person getting better service. We called at 7 pm and were told the prescription would be ready in 30 min. It was for 14 days. Arrived 2 hours later, they only gave us 5 days for the 14-day price they had quoted. Had us wait another 20 min, said the system was down, and we would need to come back the next day – and to wait till after they were open another 2 hours. We’ll see how that goes. Don’t want to switch to CVS.

CBD Oil St. Louis
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 3.8
Customer feedback:

CBD Oil St. Louis has absolutely horrible customer service. The pharmacy lost one of my two prescriptions when I went to pick up the medications I only received one when I asked about the other one they denied ever receiving a second prescription and the lady refused to even look or ask other employees working. Finally, after insisting on it, she asked one of the techs who realized she had misplaced, and they never took care of it… Now the cashiers at the front and the lady manager are even worse at helping out a customer. The only helpful people at this place seem to be the ladies at the beauty departments.

I have had previous positive experiences, but I am dealing with a new prescription for my child, and the pharmacist was rude, short, and difficult to understand.

CBD At Work
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.2
Customer feedback:

I’ve never had an issue when purchasing CBD products at There is a wonderful lady who works there who is always so sweet and very helpful!

I came to this location for CBD oil. The wait was reasonable, and the staff member we spoke to was very, very nice. They had also been knowledgeable and eager to help. I will definitely return to this location and have recommended them to my family members.

Leaf & Co. by CBD Kratom
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.9
Customer feedback:

I’ve lived here for 4 years using Leaf & Co. by CBD Kratom, and it legitimately doesn’t matter WHO is working in this pharmacy, they can NEVER move this line of cars at a normal pace. I have never in my life had to wait so long in line at any other pharmacy I’ve lived by. Absolutely ridiculous to have 10 cars lined up and starting to block in the cars of people shopping inside because we have to wrap around the front.

Service has gotten worse. I live in Montgomery and use this pharmacy. My doctor’s office accidentally sent my nebulizer meds here. 12 people in line. Ridiculous. There about 45 minutes to get Rx. God help those poor employees in pharmacy.